A unique experience where you laugh and learn, Merrie’s speeches show audiences why communication is more than telling people what you think they need to know. Her interactive and conversational style draws from life experiences like her time in the White House or coaching some of the world’s most iconic CEOs. She’s worked in the media, politics, Hollywood and is president of one of the country’s most sought after communications firms. Best yet, you’ll leave Merrie’s speeches with skills and techniques that you can immediately apply to your professional and personal life.


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Communication as a Strategic Business Tool

Taught to c-suite executives around the world, this speech looks at how to use communication to your strategic advantage.

Why Leaders Must Be Storytellers

Today’s best leaders understand how to use stories to influence. 

Influencing Your Employees to be Ambassadors

How to align what your employees are saying with your strategic business initiatives.

Crisis Communication: What to do When Your Reputation is on the Line

How to protect your brand when it’s under attack and responding in real time.

“Spaeth provided a speaker at the annual meeting of our practice group. We're successful professionals, and we're very demanding. Spaeth is a thought leader with a powerful message packaged to challenge us.”

Dave Scullin
Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP


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